Active Projects (with opportunities for research and development collaborations)

Looking for students motivated and interested in the below active projects

  • Technological advancements for Wayang Kulit
  • Technological advancements for Kathakali Some essential skills needed included knowledge in artificial intelligence (ML, GANs, DL), Image processing techniques, Audio processing, Video processing, Cloud computing, Web development etc.

Other projects of interest

Looking for students highly motivated in the broad domains of Cultural Heritage, Theatre Arts, Helthcare and Education. If you have an interesting project idea in these domains, I am open for discussion

NUS students project options

If you are interested in exploring projects/research in FYP, UROP, Master Thesis, PhD supervision or anything as such in the broad areas listed above, contact me.

Contact Me

  • Email: gni@nus.edu.sg
  • Office: COM2-03-55, School of Computing, National University of Singapore